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Previously featured Alpha Chis

Hayley Benedict
PC 2005 | Dragonfly Family

Hayley, a member of PC '05 and the dragonfly family, is currently serving in Afghanistan in the U.S. Army. She was recently promoted and wanted to thank her sisters for the support received since graduating. 


"It's been an interesting couple of years since I graduated grad school and started my Army career, but I have learned quite a bit and have been surprised at the support I have had from sorority sisters throughout this time! Alyssa Kenyon and Rachel Sudderth (PC '04) surprised me with AX love and support in preparation for and during my current deployment." 


Hayley graduated from Trinity in 2008 with degrees in French and International Relations. She went on to receive a Masters in Higher Education from Vanderbilt University. When she's not abroad, she is stationed at Ft. Hood in Texas. 


To congratulate Hayley yourself, email her at

Alyson Rose-Wood
PC 2000 | Friendship Knot Family

We already knew Alyson, PC 2000 and former Alpha Chi President, was a big deal, but Trinity University recently named her the 2013 Oustanding Young Alumnus. Alyson is the 11th Trinity graduate to receive the honor given to alumni who have graduated in the past 15 years and was acknowledged for her work as a U.S. Public Health Officer in Washington D.C. She was recognized and spoke at a luncheon in her honor on November 14, 2013 in the Chapman Great Hall. Many actives and alumni were in attendance to support our sister and held a cocktail hour in her honor later that evening.


Alyson was also asked to serve on the Trinity University National Alumni Board, a prestigious position requiring a two year commitment. Way to represent, Alyson!


To read more about Alyson and her many accomplishments click here. 


November 2013

January 2014

January 2014

Sarah Leonard
PC 2008 | Friendship Knot Family

Sarah, a member of PC '08 and the Friendship Knot family, dreamed of joining the Peace Corp all through college, where she double majored in International Studies and Spanish, with a minor in Geosciences. In 2012 her dream became a reality and she was asked to spend two years serving in Zambia, Africa. Sarah packed her bags and left home in Galveston, Texas to embark on an adventure consisting of teaching English to 9th grade students, helping to run a leadership camp for girls, and starting a library in her rural village, which until recently did not have any running water or electricity.


Sarah will return home in April, but not without major accomplishments. Recently on her blog, Out of Zambia, she talked about the great strides her students had made since she began teaching, particularly in terms of their test scores. Before Sarah, only eight students scored high enough to go on to high school. This year, 23 will move on and continue their studies. 


"I don’t for a moment think this was all down to me. The pupils worked so hard, asking questions during class and prep and coming back to study in the dark classroom with flashlights and candles long after us teachers had gone home. It’s nice to know, however, that in some way I helped 23 students to grow and go on to high school, when maybe otherwise, they would have not."

Stacy Olds
PC 2001 | Frog Family

Stacy Olds, a member of PC '01 and the Frog family and President of the Trinity University San Antonio Alumni Chapter, married Mike Smith on March 1, 2014 at Zedler Mill in Luling, Texas. The couple met 10 years ago while working at Enterprise Rent-a-Car and were friends for two years before they started dating. Their wedding colors were navy, white and silver, with pops of bright orange. Cara (Cowling) Levine, also a member of PC '01 and a Friendship Knot, was Stacy's matron of honor. Stacy's little sister, Patricia Jaber, PC '04, was also in attendance. She posted the picture at left with the caption: "This doesn't do Stacy's beauty the justice it deserves... she was, undoubtedly, one of the most gorgeous brides I've EVER seen!!!" We agree, Patty! 

March 2014

Gabriela Stefania Calderon
PC 2008 | Honeybee


She works for one of America’s most beloved designers, Ralph Lauren, and she’s been backstage at New York Fashion Week, but Stefi Calderon, PC ’08 and a Honeybee, will be the first to tell you that her job isn’t as glamorous as some might think and it requires a lot of hard work. Now a Manager in Human Resources with a specialty in Global Manufacturing and Sourcing at Ralph Lauren Corporation, Stefi, originally from Ecuador, moved to New York City after graduating from Trinity.


Her job description entails overseeing the employee populations and operations in Italy and India, as well as all production, product development, technical development, quality control and factory operations globally.


Ask Stefi to tell you about the highlights of her time at Ralph Lauren and she’ll tell you there are too many to count, but a personalized second anniversary shout out and a recent trip to Italy rank highest on the list.


“On my second year anniversary with the company, I saw Mr. Lauren in our Pre-Spring Runway Show, and he turned the corner and went out of his way to say hello and greeted me. It was so very special to me that he stopped to say 'Hi.' In terms of accomplishments; I would say my recent trip to our Italy offices. I have been working with our team for over a year, and the validation of work and success really came to life when I officially met the team.”


As for the fashion industry, Stefi says no two jobs are alike. She didn’t even know her current job existed before graduating.


“I wouldn’t be in NY if all I wanted was to be 'in fashion,' everyone pursues the same and you have to distinguish yourself and find a career path that you are passionate with (not just because it is 'in-fashion.' but rather where you can see your self grow). Also, working in RL made a difference for me, there is certain uniqueness in working with such a strong American brand and with such heritage; you can feel it from the product all the way to our corporate teams. I feel very blessed to have found a job that marries both my passion for the industry and my 'calling' to work with people.”


You inspire us, Stefi!

May 2014

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