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Thank you ladies for your continued support! As the association grows, we seek to expand our reach through organized, alumnae-sponsored events that engage both actives and alumnae. 


If you have any questions about dues or the Alumnae Association's finances, don't hesitate to contact us at



Kali Wilson, PC '17

Dues | A Message from the Treasurer:



Payment Options


Via Venmo

1) Sign into Venmo or create an account on the app if you do not already have a Venmo.

2) For payment purposes our username is:


3) Enter dollar amount & under the "What's it for?" section please add a note saying "AX Alumnae Dues [Year]".

By Check

1) Make it out to "Alpha Chi Lambda Alumnae Association".

Via Paypal

1) Sign into PayPal or create an account if you do not already have one.

2) For payment purposes our email is:

3) Please select "Pay to Friends/Family," so we can avoid  fees on our end.


As a reminder, every little bit helps, but we ask that, if possible, you donate based on the amount of years since you've been out of school:


1-5 years out: $25

5+ years out: $50 


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