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A Message from the current president, Tommie Ethington: 


Elections for the alumnae board will be held via an online survey in November. The new board will be announced within 3 days of the polls closing. Officer descriptions are below. To nominate yourself or a sister, email Tommie at Feel free to reach out with any questions! 




The President represents and oversees the Executive Board and the direction of the alumnae association. She organizes and presides over the annual alumnae meeting, which takes place during the Trinity University alumni weekend, and creates the agenda for the alumni meeting with input from other members of the executive board.

The President also oversees the nomination and election of new board members and works with individual members of the Executive Board to achieve goals set by the alumnae association.

The Treasurer distributes and accounts for all of the organization’s funds. The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the organization's bank account and credit card. She also collects annual membership dues, pays all authorized organizational expenses, and is responsible for sending a check to the actives for the amount agreed upon at alumni weekend. She will keep the organization updated on its financial status and present a formal budget at the alumni meeting each year.

The Secretary will record the minutes during all club meetings and distribute them in a timely fashion through mail, email and social media. The secretary helps to collect information for the alumni association newsletters, helps oversee the Google Doc contact list, and assists in the creation of event invitations. Finally, the secretary compiles an annual report of the Board's activities and accomplishments and maintains past reports in both a digital and hard copy form.

The Alumni Outreach Chair develops stronger relations between alumni. She oversees individual Pledge Class Chairs, works with the secretary to update contact information for all members, and maintains social media groups for all Alpha Chi families and regions. She is also responsible for coordinating at least one alumnae event a year.

The Active Relations Chair develops stronger relationships between the active sorority and the alumni association. She acts as a partner to the Active Alumni Chair throughout the year and especially leading up to alumni weekend. She is also responsible for planning 2-3 additional events throughout the year to encourage active and alumnae relationships.


NOTE: It is recommended that this chair be a more recent graduate (1-3 years) and local to help support the actives around alumni weekend.



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